Order Recovery Voucher

Note that each recovery voucher allows you to recover only ONE document. This is a per-document service fee; it is not a software product. If you are interested in password recovery software please visit our main site: www.lastbit.com (however, Express Recovery requires a per document fee even if you buy the recovery software).

If you have several documents to recover, you should buy several vouchers (volume discounts are available). For more on recovering multiple documents, please read this. If you have multiple documents protected with the same password, you may be interested in Original Password Recovery Service.

Original Password Recovery Service

For an additional fee (and time) we can recover the original password. Original Password Recovery Service works as follows:

  1. Buy an Original Password Recovery Service voucher here.

  2. Submit one document (we recommend that you submit the documents that you need sooner first).

  3. Your document will be decrypted (usually it takes just a minute; however, in rare cases that may take up to 36 hours).

  4. Once your document is decrypted, we will start the recovery of the original password. Within the next 48 hours, we will send you the password (usually that takes 24 hours or less).

  5. Please keep in mind that if your password is too long or strong, it is possible that the password we recover will differ from the original one. Nevertheless, it will match all documents protected with your original password. Such collisions normally happen only when your password is greater than 8 characters. Also, in some cases it is possible that we find several passwords (2-4), each one of which will match the original document, but only one of them will match the rest of documents protected with the same original password. Since we have only one document at our disposal (the one you have submitted), we are unable to determine, which password of what we have recovered is the right one. You can do that on your own by trying each of the passwords on the other documents.

Hint: Original Password Recovery Service takes 48 hours; if you need to recover several documents urgently, the quickest way to get that done would be to buy several Express Recovery Vouchers. You will spend just a minute on each document; however, that will cost a bit more.

>>> To order Express Recovery Voucher click here . Recovery voucher costs $29. Your document will be decrypted, but the original password will remain unknown. <<<

>>> To order Original Password Recovery Service Voucher click here . Original Password Recovery Service voucher costs $69. <<<


Please note that the service fee is non-refundable – unless we fail to recover your document as described.